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My little boy is crazy about the iPhone and iPad.

Although he usually prefers Touchoo’s storybook-apps over other apps (really, he does!), I have to admit that he will play with, literally, just about anything. This is why I find it really important to have only kid-friendly apps on these devices he loves so much .

With over 350,000 apps in the App Store though, it’s hard to find those Apps that are both suitable and preferably also educational for him. A while ago I discovered the FREE App by Moms with Apps, which I find to be super-useful for finding quality, age appropriate and family-friendly apps.  It features  screenshots and summaries of over 600 children’s Apps,  which are regularly updated and added to, so you get all the current information to your iPhone’s virtual doorstep. Oh, yes, it’s very easy to use, which is all important.

Press here to get it for FREE.

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