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Help the kind-hearted flower child reach her ‘happily ever after’ through a series of adventures.
Thumbelina is a modern Touch-screen adaptation to the Andersen classic.
This book-app is available in English, Spanish, Japanese, French and German!

We are the champions!A very fresh fairy tale, based on the captivating and all-time favorite H.C. Andersen classic! Young readers can now take an active part in helping Thumbelina reach her ‘happily ever after’.

Join Thumbelina, a girl the size of a child’s finger, as she steals the hearts of everyone she meets. She experiences an incredible series of adventures and meets a white butterfly, a hospitable mouse, a romantic mole and a gentle swallow. Your child will be an active part of the story, helping Thumbelina diplomatically handle of some sticky situations and make her way to her Happy End!

Originally written by Hans Christian Andersen, this classic fairy tale was especially adapted for touchscreens by Touchoo’s co-founder Keren Essigman and approved by Touchoo’s child development expert as fitting to the intended age group.

We at Touchoo believe that children’s books can bring the world together. To facilitate this, Thumbelina has been carefully translated into Spanish, French, Japanese and German. Each version offers a beautiful, rhyming text and a fully-localized user interface.

Features include:

  • Various narration options including the most fun: record yourself
  • Control over sound effects
  • Dynamic page turning
  • Original text and illustration
  • Age-appropriate interactivity

The amazing illustrations for Thumbelina were created by Hagit Hashimshoni. Hagit is a renowned illustrator and designer, who lives and creates in Tel Aviv. She specializes in commercial illustration for advertising, animation and internet. Hagit runs a studio, together with her diligent assistant Pye (a ginger tomcat with a great taste in design).

Social benefits of Thumbelina:

  • Nurtures the capacity for empathy and for reference to the other
  • Develops the ability to tell oneself from the other
  • Encourages the child to identify his own desires, as opposed to the desires of the other

Personality benefits of this book-app:

  • Increasing the capacity for difficulties and failures
  • Encouraging the ability to follow a narrative
  • Teaches to admit to difficulties and seek help