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Maya Sarfati author and illustrator of “A smile for Elliot” gave us a glance into the creation of her first book app.







How did Eliot come about?

Writing and illustrating for children has always been a dream of mine.  After being exposed to this great world of interactive books, I knew I had to take part of it.

I decided to contact Touchoo, after seeing their sweat work, and try to interest them with an idea for a book. Luckily at the time they were looking for new illustrators and writers to work with, so we met . 








Elliot joined me at the meeting and apparently made a nice first impression. I was offered to be a part of a great project and to experience the Touchoo creator tool.

What inspired your idea for the book?

As a mother of a three years old girl (and a six month old baby), I often find myself looking for creative and useful tools for helping my kid through whatever life brings on ( its not easy being three years old…)  In “a smile for Elliot”  I try to inspire the little readers to realize that the things that truly brings us joy doesn’t  have to be things that are out of reach, and that fantasies “taste” better when there is someone close to share them with.


How did you come up with the characters?

I have pages full of stuffed animals sketches… it took me a while to come up with the idea of using a koala bear, and after viewing a few photos I Immediately knew that I found my Elliot.

What technique did you use for the illustrations?

I used mainly Photoshop and combined some hand drawn textures, made with acrylic paint.

What are some of your favorite children’s books?

My favorite book is peter pan by J. M. Barrie