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The responses to this Book App are just incredible.

“Honestly, this app is for kids of all ages from a young preschooler to an older grandparent, and there really is something for everyone.  I can only imagine how many times Booking Son and I will play with this app during this holiday season. It’s a wonderful way to revisit this timeless story and I highly recommend it!”  –

“This App certainly makes the holiday experience richer!” –

“At first, my daughter and I chose the read-along version, as we were eager to see what fun was waiting for us, with each turn of the page.  And, boy were we impressed.  I loved how the items that you could interact with would have a flashing circle around them.  This made it easier for my daughter to know where to tab on the iPad screen.  And, each time she tapped on a object and it moved or made noise, she smiled from ear to ear. If you love apps, especially holiday ones, or love interactive storybooks, this app is a must download.”

The Night Before Christmas brings up wonderful memories for so many people and is there anyone out there that can imagine Christmas without  Clement C. Moore’s classic tale?

Soon I will post about the creation process of the book and working together with Peter Yarrow, from Peter, Paul & Mary, who is one of the niecest people I ever worked with, but I didn’t want to withhold the preview youtube clip from you guys any longer!

This was KerenE keeping in Touch(oo)!