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Children and programs have, strangely, many similarities.
They’re born – of flesh or mind – through labor, with much excitement and uncertainty. They grow and change, day by day, as you watch and help them.
They keep you awake at night when they’re unwell, and it’s a fight to make them do what they need to, but through love, dedication, hard work and a lot of worrying, they become better and stronger. You share their triumphs and successes. You feel such pride when they take their first steps; when they learn a new skill; when they succeed.

Touchoo Creator is my digital child.

It was a newborn when it was an early prototype version. Its first steps were the first model conversion algorithms. Its refactoring for modular architecture was its potty training. Its bugs are scrapped knees and runny nose; some medicine, a kiss, and the child runs on. It’s stable and learning now, becoming better with every component added, growing smarter with every mechanism extended. Every book made on it is another good mark in the classroom.

I must say, it’s a beautiful child. And  I’m a proud parent.

Alex Tavor – Flex Team Manager