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We are delighted to announce that Touchoo’s CEO Omer Ginor and Art Director Tamar Hochstadter will be representing us at the Bologna ‘Tools of Change for Publishing’ Conference.

The conference deals with important aspects of children’s book publishing in light of the new digital era. Traditional children’s books increasingly merge with digital technology and expand across devices and platforms; the way children find, enjoy, and learn from books is rapidly changing.

Omer will address these burning issues at a session titled ” The Opportunity in Digital: Putting Publishers at the Helm of Digital Book Sales”

We believe that children’s books and children’s stories will gracefully find their way into the digital world (and vice versa..) – but who will lead the way in this evolution – software developers, game designers and technocrats or authors, illustrators and book publishers?

Will the book publishing world lose the battle to the gaming industry?

Personally we would like to see the books win ☺