1 Little Boy Lite

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If you’ve so far put off getting your little one our first StoryBook “1 Little Boy” because you prefer getting a feel of things before buying them (we feel the same way about this), you can now try out our LITE version FOR FREE! Really, I find it hard to believe you haven’t gotten it yet, […]

Go Google!

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Google Puts App Store Links in Mobile Search Results Didn’t you find it frustrating, when searching for an app you’ve heard of or read about, to change your normal way, open a specific software (iTunes), which takes for ever to load, use the unfriendly search bar, only to find that the app you were actually looking […]

Thumbelina is on her way!

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Allright, it’s almost happening. We are soon launching Thumbelina.              Thumbelina is of course a classic story that everybody knows and when I first read it as a consideration for the Touchoo collection I thought to myself: “Was it always this scary?” She gets abducted by all kinds of big animals and almost trapped into marrying a […]

Finalists on appsfire's App Star Awards!

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This is so great! We are happy happy happy because we were chosen as finalists by appsfire for the App Star Awards! Our little Thumbelina is starting to spread her wings and fly! Come and have a look and give us your thumbs up and spread the word! This was KerenE keeping in TouchOO

Our new video demo of Thumbelina!

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Such a proud moment! Our new demo for our latest StoryBook App is running on YouTube. Thumbelina will be released soon with a very special introduction price. So stay closely tuned or just click here to become a friend of Touchoo and you will be one of the first to know when Thumbelina appears on the App Store. […]

Thanks for the great feedback & reviews!

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Building a company from the ground up is exciting, fun and hard work. But I have to say that now that we have launched our website and 1 Little Boy  is on the App Store – slowly but surely spreading its magic ,it is double the fun! The work becomes much more tangible when you’re getting […]

1 Little Boy available on the App Store

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I am just so happy to be able to make this announcement! With some hard work and a lot of love we reached this wonderful moment, almost like a birth! Our first baby – 1 Little Boy is available on the App Store as of today! Another thing that I am excited about today, granted, […]

Hi! Welcome..

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Hi everyone, We are so happy to be launching our website and even happier you are here to share it with us! As I write this blog post we are putting the finishing touches on our first book app, that will be available very soon on the App Store, and I can’t help but look […]