Wonderful book-app fully composed on the Touchoo Creator

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The Touchoo Book – App Creator is already in use by a few lucky alpha testers. One of them is Daniela .. Daniella Koffler is an Illustrator and an animation director. Graduate from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and currently is working on book illustrations, e-books, and a new animation film. Her graduation film has […]


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  The London Book Fair wrapped up this week. It was an extremely busy time of back to back meetings with publishers, partners, distributors and agents. A time to introduce new people to the platform we’re developing, to strengthen existing partnerships and sense the market. It’s been a great time of learning where the market […]

Meet us at the TOC conference and The Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2012

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We are delighted to announce that Touchoo’s CEO Omer Ginor and Art Director Tamar Hochstadter will be representing us at the Bologna ‘Tools of Change for Publishing’ Conference. The conference deals with important aspects of children’s book publishing in light of the new digital era. Traditional children’s books increasingly merge with digital technology and expand across […]

A Q&A with the creator of Benny the Cat

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Have you wished  Benny the Cat a “good morning” yet? Benny is a super cute and engaging ginger cat with a fluffy tail and pointy ears. You cannot help but love him as if he was your own pet. Children, as young as 1 year old, can play hide and seek with him, choose his favorite food, […]

The Sun Goes To Bed by Tami Lehman-Wilzig

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Why I Wrote “The Sun Goes to Bed” (or) I’m a Wannabe: Being Part of the World of Children’s Book Apps by Tami Lehman-Wilzig I’m the kind of children’s author who looks to life for inspiration. No ghosts or goblins for me. No wizards or witches. Real-life behavior of parents, children and animals is what’s […]

A little peek into the creation of our next book: "HELLO WEEK"

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Blocks. Chairs. Macaroni. Mounted fish. If Benny Willoughby sees it, he says hello to it. At first, his parents are amused, but before Benny’s “Hello Week” is over, his mother wonders, “When will all this hello-ing stop?” “Hello Week” is a great story for the read-to-me audience, and, since Benny says hello to many common […]

A wonderful way to find kid – friendly apps!

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My little boy is crazy about the iPhone and iPad. Although he usually prefers Touchoo’s storybook-apps over other apps (really, he does!), I have to admit that he will play with, literally, just about anything. This is why I find it really important to have only kid-friendly apps on these devices he loves so much […]


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I am sitting on the couch with my 20 months old son and feeling a bit nervous. For me, this is the ultimate test if we did a good job on our newest Book App. After working on Benny for a long time and feeling so proud and excited during the entire process, it now comes […]

We won TWS Conference's most promising start up 2010!!!

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What an exciting week! We were chosen as one of the lucky ten most promising start ups to present at the TWS Conference 2010. Here are some pics of our CEO Omer Ginor presenting Touchoo, what we are about and our future plans, that will be posted soon also on the About Us Page. And […]

Unleash your inner drama queen!

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Our storybook App Thumbelina is getting great reviews, which is a good feeling. An even better feeling is when parents write us to tell us about their children’s positive reactions to our App. But the coolest feeling ever is when a parent sends us a video showing us their child’s reaction to our App, like […]