We won TWS Conference's most promising start up 2010!!!

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What an exciting week! We were chosen as one of the lucky ten most promising start ups to present at the TWS Conference 2010. Here are some pics of our CEO Omer Ginor presenting Touchoo, what we are about and our future plans, that will be posted soon also on the About Us Page. And […]

Unleash your inner drama queen!

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Our storybook App Thumbelina is getting great reviews, which is a good feeling. An even better feeling is when parents write us to tell us about their children’s positive reactions to our App. But the coolest feeling ever is when a parent sends us a video showing us their child’s reaction to our App, like […]

Story time modernisation

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Reading a book to your child is an important part of his or her development. It not only advances the child on a social and emotional level, but also has a huge influence on his or her reading habits, passion for books, and literacy. A Recent study has shown that the decline in reading is […]

To Touch a Book

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I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. -Ancient Chinese Proverb Children are doers. They are explorers and makers. They fully experience their whole environments by holding, pushing, pulling, tweaking, and fully interacting with the things they come in contact with in order to understand the world in […]

1 Little Boy Lite

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If you’ve so far put off getting your little one our first StoryBook “1 Little Boy” because you prefer getting a feel of things before buying them (we feel the same way about this), you can now try out our LITE version FOR FREE! Really, I find it hard to believe you haven’t gotten it yet, […]

Go Google!

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Google Puts App Store Links in Mobile Search Results Didn’t you find it frustrating, when searching for an app you’ve heard of or read about, to change your normal way, open a specific software (iTunes), which takes for ever to load, use the unfriendly search bar, only to find that the app you were actually looking […]

Thumbelina is on her way!

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Allright, it’s almost happening. We are soon launching Thumbelina.              Thumbelina is of course a classic story that everybody knows and when I first read it as a consideration for the Touchoo collection I thought to myself: “Was it always this scary?” She gets abducted by all kinds of big animals and almost trapped into marrying a […]

The Importance of Reading to Toddlers

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Toddlers are at a stage where they are learning their language communication skills and experimenting with word meanings using visual and auditory senses. Reading to children while they are still in the 0-4 age range is critical in their overall development. Today there are many tools for toddlers to use such as interactive books or […]

Touchoo's gone Super Crazy!

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Hi guys! We’ve decided to honor and promote children’s books of all times, and so, we thought of starting a little quiz, a competition if you will… Can you remember your favorite childhood books by heart? Really? Well, let’s put your amazing kids’ literature knowledge to the test, shall we? Three times a month we […]

Finalists on appsfire's App Star Awards!

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This is so great! We are happy happy happy because we were chosen as finalists by appsfire for the App Star Awards! Our little Thumbelina is starting to spread her wings and fly! Come and have a look and give us your thumbs up and spread the word! This was KerenE keeping in TouchOO