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I am sitting on the couch with my 20 months old son and feeling a bit nervous. For me, this is the ultimate test if we did a good job on our newest Book App.

After working on Benny for a long time and feeling so proud and excited during the entire process, it now comes down to the nitty gritty bluntest truth of all, my son’s opinion.
Will he like Benny? Will he say “again!” over and over until I get sick of it? Let’s find out…

I put the iPad in his hands, he turns it on and immediately sees there is a new App on the horizon.

He can’t or refuses to make a puzzle but he knows how to maneuver the iPad and iPhone like it’s nobody’s business.
He starts playing, busily flipping pages, dragging and dropping, sliding, petting, tickling, searching and yes laughing… phf.. what a relief!

He doesn’t like it… he loves it! “Again..Again..Again” Aaah…music to my ears.

Our cute little Benny is obviously ready to make his debut and I can’t wait to hear some more feedback from all of you mothers out there!

This was KerenE staying in Touch(oo)