Two new book-apps from Oxford University Press

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Two new book-apps from our partners in Oxford University Press have been released. “Students in Space”                         and “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”.                       They truly are a wonderful way to improve your child’s English […]

Touchoo Technology Chosen to Power Oxford English-Learning Apps for Kids.

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Touchoo Technology Chosen to Power Oxford English-Learning Apps for Kids 16 July 2013. Oxford University Press (OUP) announced today that it is collaborating with digital publishing technology company Touchoo in the creation and distribution of interactive English Language Teaching book-applications for tablets and smartphones. The first OUP series published using Touchoo’s technology is the popular […]

Creating an Interactive Book – App

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Creating an Interactive Book – App

The day has come.
As promised we are gradually sending

Christmas App for iPhone iPad and Android

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane…  it’s a Christmas Greeting Card Maker! Yes, it’s that time of year again and the holiday season is approaching fast… yeay! Time for family getting together, spending time with each other and reaching out to loved ones with    greetings and wishes. It’s the best time of the year… […]

Education is Evolving

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There is something magical about learning from a book. It’s a conversation outside time, intimate and    asynchronous. In children’s books, it takes on another dimension. The author becomes a gentle guide, carefully easing notions and concepts into a young mind. The book becomes a voice, a set of tools for imparting experience. And engagement becomes […]

My digital child.

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Children and programs have, strangely, many similarities. They’re born – of flesh or mind – through labor, with much excitement and uncertainty. They grow and change, day by day, as you watch and help them. They keep you awake at night when they’re unwell, and it’s a fight to make them do what they need […]

Wonderful book-app fully composed on the Touchoo Creator

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The Touchoo Book – App Creator is already in use by a few lucky alpha testers. One of them is Daniela .. Daniella Koffler is an Illustrator and an animation director. Graduate from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and currently is working on book illustrations, e-books, and a new animation film. Her graduation film has […]


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  The London Book Fair wrapped up this week. It was an extremely busy time of back to back meetings with publishers, partners, distributors and agents. A time to introduce new people to the platform we’re developing, to strengthen existing partnerships and sense the market. It’s been a great time of learning where the market […]

Q&A with Maya Sarfati

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Maya Sarfati author and illustrator of “A smile for Elliot” gave us a glance into the creation of her first book app.             How did Eliot come about? Writing and illustrating for children has always been a dream of mine.  After being exposed to this great world of interactive books, I knew I […]

Meet us at the TOC conference and The Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2012

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We are delighted to announce that Touchoo’s CEO Omer Ginor and Art Director Tamar Hochstadter will be representing us at the Bologna ‘Tools of Change for Publishing’ Conference. The conference deals with important aspects of children’s book publishing in light of the new digital era. Traditional children’s books increasingly merge with digital technology and expand across […]