Welcome to Touchoo – where the magic of children’s books is but a tiny touch away…

Led by a group of parents, Touchoo set out to provide parents and children with a rapidly growing selection of high-quality, well categorized, educationally-sound and professionally reviewed interactive children’s book-apps.  We aim to bring to you everything and anything you’d want to have in children’s storytelling and educational books.

Touchoo’s customer community will be able to access purchased book-apps on all relevant devices, without paying for the same content twice: be it on Mom’s iPad, Dad’s Galaxy SII or the new family Xoom2 tablet – your content will be right there, wherever you are.  As technology changes rapidly, Touchoo is constantly evolving  with it. Touchoo supports all major platforms where storytelling magic can take place…. Apple and Android smartphones and tablets today…    gesture-controlled TVs tomorrow…  and then – into infinity and beyond!

Our vision of providing the best digital children’s bookstore, led us to develop a cool solution for professional children’s content owners: a way in which the very best in children’s content can easily find its way onto all those different devices and technologies.  Owners of rights for children’s books, animation, interactive content, TV series and more can now quickly, powerfully and above all – cost effectively –convert their content into interactive children’s book-apps using Touchoo’s Creator Tool. No coding. No techies. No worries about cross-platform reach. Flexible. Powerful. Simple… and oh, have we already mentioned that this wonderful tool is free to use* by those distributing on the Touchoo store?!

Parents – welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy the initial selection we’ve prepared, and that you will check in with us soon for new releases.

Content owners – are you ready for the revolution in children’s storytelling? Are you ready to finally get some proper exposure and sales for your great content? Please leave your details so we can invite you to join the fun.

Press – we’re always happy to talk. Please write us to info@touchoo.com

*Some special modules and audio files may be available for a small fee.

The people behind Touchoo:

Omer Ginor – CEO and Co-Founder
Omer is a business and marketing strategist who spent the last few years devising growth plans for companies in a variety of fields, namely: high-tech, telecom, tourism infrastructure and advertising, helping those companies to establish new business units and improving operations of existing ones. An enthusiast traveler, he picked up quite a few languages and is sometimes even not afraid to use them. Omer is new at the parenting game; his wife recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Keren Ben Or – VP Content & Operations and Co-Founder
Keren is a former dancer and dance choreographer for children’s shows. She has a degree in Archeology and worked in that field for many years.
In the last few years Keren has worked as a project manager for a large company.
Her first born is now learning his ABC and her second child is still considering crawling quite an achievement.

Ofir Gur – CTO and Co-Founder
Ofir has been passionate about programming and technology since he was young. This led him to pursue a career in software development. He is experienced in designing, implementing, leading and managing software engineering projects from conception to completion. Ofir is also a real Apple addict and he is enthusiastic about developing applications for children on the iPhone and the iPad. He hopes that Touchoo’s applications would awaken children’s imaginations and spark their enthusiasm for technology.

Keren Essigman – VP  Service & Co-Founder
Growing up in freezing Amsterdam, Keren was a real bookworm and knows a bout a zillion children’s books by heart. She is a parenting advisor with over 10 years of childcare experience and an English teacher. Keren is ‘mama’ to the cutest little boy (in her opinion) in the world!

Uri Ashi – VP Product and Co-Founder
Uri is an awarded art director, product manager, animator, illustrator, and GUI expert specializing in the coming together of the interactive world and kids’ education. Uri has played lead roles for some of the most notable enterprises in the field of interactive education such as “Time To Know” and “Comfy”. He has a lengthy résumé of children’s books’ illustrations and animated films for toddlers and kids. He is also a proud father to a three year old boy that always keeps him on his toes.

Ori Ayalon – Product Manager
Ori is a cartoonist, Illustrator and an all around swell guy. He studied art at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, you can see his works on his blog at www.ori-os.blogspot.com. 0ri boasts a very large comic book collection and also has some very good times storming castles whenever he gets the chance.

Alex Tavor – Flex Team Manager
Alex “Raccoon” Tavor; Father; Writer of editors; Eater of humus;Worrier-in-chief.
Programmer responsible for the (beautiful) editing platform. A computer gaming industry veteran and a passionate bibliophile, Alex turned to writing mobile applications for children when he became a dad. Or more specifically, when his three-years-old son finished Angry Birds and demanded more quality mobile content.