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Teaching your child reciting and counting numbers has never been more fun!
Come and join 1 Little Boy on his exciting imaginary journey and experience the numbers in a playful way.

Age: 2-4

1 Little Boy is a picture storybook about a child’s fantasy before his bed time. Animal characters you know and love from children stories and rhymes come to life and join the little adventurer on his imaginary trip. As the story unfolds, your child will actively explore the numbers one to ten and learn to recite and count them.

1 Little Boy was created especially for touchscreens. It’s written by Touchoo’s co-founder Keren Ben Or and illustrated by the incredible Ido Hirshberg, who is an Israeli illustrator and comics artist ( You can see what he does on his flickr). All Touchoo books go through careful inspection by a child development expert, so you will receive the best and most suitable product for your child.

Features include:

  • Various narration options including the most fun: record yourself
  • Real animal sound
  • Control over sound effects
  • Dynamic page turning
  • Original text and illustration
  • Interactivity

Psychological research has shown that the best way for our children to learn how to recite and count numbers is through active and playful methods.

At this age group, children develop the ability to process a series of stimuli, as well as an understanding of quantity and the idea of numbers.

Abilities nurtured by this book:

  1. Becoming familiar with the names of the numbers;
  2. Being able to count (unlike reciting, counting carries an immediate link to the recited objects)
  3. Being able to process a series of input while maintaining concentration
  4. Overcoming diversions, such as a variety of shapes and of possibilities, challenging and improving the child’s abilities to discern. The variety in this story is adequately challenging while not too distracting, as all the characters belong to the same category (all being animals).

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